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Bachelorette Parties

First Mate / Owner Sandy

Hey Bach Babes and Brides,

I am First Mate Sandy, together with my husband Captain Randy we own the area’s #1 rated boat tour “A Boat Day” and now “Bach Boats.” It’s a business we started 5 years ago to share our passion for boating and service! That’s me in the pictures, just before Captain Randy and I got married on the beach, followed by boating all weekend in celebration! Those are my ride or dies in the second pic of my own Bachelorette Party, friends since we were in college. I always knew boating would be in my future, and when I met Randy (and his boat) it was meant to be.

Growing up we always had boats, lots of boats! Sail boats, catamarans, motor boats, and canoes. My great grandparents even had a big weekend boat everyone one slept on, the history is deep! At age 11 we moved to the Clearwater area from New Jersey and started boating here in paradise. If you think going to the public beach is nice, I almost NEVER go! We boat to the secluded islands where the water is really clear, the dolphins greet you along the way, and the beaches are pristine! Now you can experience this too, with or without your top, drinking some White Claws and singing with your besties.

After Randy and I tied the knot, we bought our first really awesome, women approved boat (cause I know what I want). I am talking about high sides so you don’t get the goods wet when you hit some wake, cushy lounging areas for tanning, room for all my bags, booze, snacks and cupholders galore! We now own seven amazing, lady friendly boats and we love to host your gal gatherings such as Bachelorette Parties, Dirty 30’s, F*cking 40’s, Fabulous 50’s, you name it we have your party boat. If you want to sit on a bar stool boat or sit butt-to-butt sweating with 14 of your besties in an undersized tipsy pontoon for 3 hours, that’s just not what Bach Boats are about. Take a look at our awesome pictures and you will see what I mean!

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We are so thrilled to fine tune our services for you Babes, Bachelorettes or otherwise with the launch of Bach Boats! Not only are we here to provide you with our top notch service, professional Captains, and luxury boats, we want to make this party planning easy on you! On the Home page simply select the rental boat based on your group size and book! Call if you need help or need more than one boat. Then check out the Extras page for help with local planning and ordering of locally made goods to make it even more fun!

See you on the boat!


Lead Captain / Trip Coordinator Jordan

I have always had a passion for being on the water. After college I started applying for boating jobs. I was hired as a sailing instructor in the Caribbean, with no prior sailing experience, but I learned quickly. I worked on dolphin watching and snorkeling boats in Key West. Spent a year in Australia, diving the Great Barrier Reef, where I received my divemaster certification. I lived in the Grand Teton National Park and boated on the glorious Jackson Lake! In 2018 I earned enough sea time and became a licensed USCG boat captain. Since then, I have worked for TowBoatUS, Freedom Boat Club, Lake Union Charters and Adventures. Now I am the Lead Captain for Bach Boats and I can’t imagine doing anything else, it’s the best job ever!

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While working in Lake Union in Seattle, I met my husband on Hinge, a dating app! I swiped right on a photo of him holding a sloth in Honduras. I love animals and travel, so it was the right photo to catch my attention. The first date led to many more! After a few adventures across the states and down to Mexico, we moved to St. Petersburg. A month after our big move, he prepared a decadent meal of mac n cheese and red wine, a sweet reference to our first homemade meal together. He lit candles, played my favorite music, and waited for me to come home after a long day at work. Once I arrived home, he made a promise to love and care for me for the rest of our lives. When he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him I said “Yes!” We “tied the knot” in a brewery in St Petersburg on January 22, 2022 surrounded by my family and friends! We just recently purchased our first home together near the water. These are definitely some of the MOST exciting times in life. I love that I am able to use my boating expertise to help make special memories for brides to be at their Bachelorette Boat party!