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Bachelorette Party Boats

Bach Boats is  conveniently located in Clearwater Florida!   Our charter boat company A Boat Day has 4 boats in the downtown Clearwater area.  This spot is amazing if you are staying in Tampa, St. Pete, Orlando as you MISS the Clearwater beach traffic and crazy parking issues to get to us.  Do not sweat the commute, seeing the Clearwater area is worth it!

If you are staying in Clearwater Beach we have several spots where we can pick you up, many locations are walkable from most anywhere on the Clearwater island.  We can recommend a service such as Free Beach Rides, a local taxi that operates off of tips!  If your Clearwater Beach hotel or Airbnb has a dock we may be able to pick you up right where you are staying.


We do our best to match your Bachelorette party to a pickup location that is mutually convenient, as well as time & cost effective.   Either at booking or a few days prior to your Bachelorette Party Boat day, our Trip Coordinator will confirm the location and address with you.