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Bachelorette Party Boat Packing List

It’s all fun in the sun until someone in your group realizes they left something important on shore. To prevent anything from getting in the way of enjoying your time on the water we’ve put together a bachelorette party boat packing list for you. This packing list for boating includes everything you might need.

Medical Supplies to Add to Your Party Boat Packing List

medical supplies bachelorette boat packing list

Thinking about what medical supplies to include on your bachelorette party boat packing list doesn’t sound very fun but you’ll be glad you did in case of an unforeseen event.

  • Liquid bandaid (a friend got cut by something in the water and this came in handy!)
  • SPF Lip Balm
  • Motion Sickness Medication
  • Ear/Nose Plugs
  • Electrolytes to add to your water in case of dehydration from the sun (I prefer the LMNT brand)
  • Aftersun/aloe (Solar Recover has worked the best for me!)

Clothing, Accessories, and Other

clothing accesories packing list for boating

  • Extra clothes (I like cotton or linen fabrics for their fast-drying nature)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat (wide-brimmed or ball cap)
  • Hair ties/hair clip
  • Water (if you’re booking with us our boats come stocked with water bottles!)
  • Snacks (check out some of our favorite healthy boat snacks here)
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen (no spray kind while on the boat so lotion is more convenient)
  • Towel

Putting together your boating packing list for your bachelorette party doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  Just stick to these essentials and you should be good to go!

Live it up on your bachelorette party boat!

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